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For a majority of college students, instant ramen noodles are a dietary staple. But how absolutely delicious can people make instant ramen? 4 teams took up this challenge by participating in JCBC’s Iron Chef: Ramen Edition. Each team had  a limited budget of $25 and was given stringent time constraints. The audience and 3 judges voted for their favorite creations, taking into consideration the taste, creativity and presentation of each dish.

Here were the results (highest ranked to lowest):

Traditional Ramen: The Noodlers recipe was by far the favorite. It stood out because of  its savory broth.

Curry Ramen: Team Sugoi created a curry ramen that included carrots, mushroom and beef.

Tom Yum Ramen: this hot and sour soup had an unforgettable taste with  lemongrass and lime. Also notable for being the only vegetarian option

Tomato Ramen: The Winners Team used a recipe that included chunks of tomato and cheese to create a dish that is not quite ramen and not quite spaghetti. 

Everyone had loads of fun and left with happy tummies.